Hey Swole Nation!

I am available on a limited basis for advising. Unfortunately my time is very scarce. I charge $300 USD for a diet plan or training critique (or 30 minute call), and $500 USD to adjust both (or 1 hour call). If you’re interested, email askdrswole@gmail.com to apply. (I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to accommodate you). Otherwise, you should be able to get a lot of answers from my YouTube videos! For any short questions, you can always get an answer from me by commenting on my latest YouTube video.

Please only apply if:

  • You’ve been training seriously for at least 6 months
  • You’ve searched my videos already to answer your questions
  • You’re deeply committed to improving and will follow a plan

In your application, include:

    1. How long you’ve been training for
    2. What training program you’re following
    3. Current weight
    4. Progress photos (front & back)
    5. Goals
Payment will be through Paypal.

Disclaimer: This consultation will only be for fitness advice. I will not be providing any medical information. Please consult your doctor for any health concerns.

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