Hey Swole Nation!

On request and depending on my availability, I can write a custom hypertrophy program individualized for you. DM me the word “program” on Instagram (@dr_swole) for my rate. If you’re lucky, it might even be featured in one of my YouTube videos!

I am also available on a limited basis for premium 1 on 1 coaching. Note that my time is very scarce and thus expensive. If you’re interested, DM me the word “coaching” to apply. Otherwise, you should be able to get a lot of answers from my YouTube videos! For any short questions, you can get a reply from me by commenting on my latest YouTube video.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to accommodate you. Consultations will only be for fitness advice; I will not be providing any medical information. Please consult your doctor for any health concerns. 

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